Kept Non-Violent Criminals in Jail to Put Out Forest Fires

When federal judges in California wanted to expand its prisoner release program for non-violent criminals, Kamala Harris’ lawyers argued against it. Her lawyers claimed that releasing them would cause prisons to lose an important pool of forced labor for putting out California’s wild fires (for which the prisoners only get paid $1/hr).

Source: LA Times

Put Parents in Jail for Children Skipping School – And Laughed About It

Kamala turned heads when she started locking up parents for their children’s truancy – an act which disproportionately affects poor and minority parents. But a video from 2010 of her laughing about it is even more disturbing:

Source: The Guardian

Opposed DNA Testing That Might Get An Innocent Black Man Off Death Row

During her time as California’s Attorney General, Kamala Harris refused advanced DNA testing that would likely have cleared Kevin Cooper – a black man accused of murder whose trial was tinged with racism and corruption. After the New York Times wrote an exposé of the case, Kamala Harris suddenly changed her position and came out in favor of the testing.

Source: New York Times

Defended the Death Penalty

In 2014, a federal judge in California ruled the death penalty unconstitutional. Despite having the ability as Attorney General to defend the ruling or stay out of the matter entirely, Kamala Harris appealed it. She claimed that the decision “undermines important protections that our courts provide to defendants.” Does Kamala believe that advocating for the potential execution of innocent people is a “protection?” Not to mention that the death penalty disproportionately affects black Americans.

Source: New York Times

Supported Civil Asset Forfeiture To Seize Property Without Any Charges

Civil asset forfeiture allows police to seize money, property, and cars under a simple SUSPICION of being used for criminal activity – despite no criminal charges. Countless innocent people have been robbed under this racket and police budgets have been funded with the seized property. Even though it is widely disliked and arguably unconstitutional, Kamala Harris has publicly supported it on multiple occasions. She sponsored a bill to allow seizure of profits without charges, and in 2011 she opposed a bill that would have reformed the procedure.

Source: Jacobin

Opposed Efforts to Not Report Juvenile Undocumented Immigrants to ICE

Despite publicly campaigning for sanctuary cities and supporting immigrants, Kamala Harris’ record shows her true colors. When the San Francisco Board of Supervisors tried to NOT report young undocumented immigrants to ICE unless they had been convicted of a felony, Kamala Harris opposed the effort. She claimed that the bill violated federal immigration law, effectively supporting the idea of reporting young non-violent immigrants to ICE.

Source: CNN